I went to Footscray to have lunch.

Then brought stuff to take home for dinner. Mr FA texted me to say if I’m in the area pop over to his place.

Since I ate too much I decided to walk into the city. Then I was like what the heck so I took a train to his area.

Apparently it was going to take me 17 minutes to walk so he drove to pick me up.

We had a drink and talked. And kissed and snuggled. No sex as I had my period.

We went for a walk. And when it was time for me to go home he wouldn’t let me catch the train. He drove me home.

I gave him some soup and bolognese sauce for his dinner. Told him he can return the boxes to me next time.

I miss him already and I’ve only met him yesterday. Mr Boardie was like you fall too quick without analysing if they are right for you.

Mr FA calls me his jackpot. I think he’s my jackpot too.

I’ve deleted AM.

As for Mr Boardie..I asked him why he liked sex with me? He wrote this…

Nice wet and tight pussy. You love to ride and take it hard. Anal is always good…… and you try and be shy…… but I know you really want it 😜

Guess I’m good at something 😂